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Company Background:

TDI-TuningBox is a South Yorkshire based company with a passion for making diesel cars go faster, we believe that diesel car owners should have the best of both worlds, economy and excitement ! Not only do our products give extra power and driveability to your vehicle, but they can also improve your fuel economy, up to 8mpg in some cases !
Our products are relatively inexpensive compared to some of the more established tuning companies, but this doesn't mean that they are in any way inferior. Our products are made from industry standard components and have all undergone rigorous temperature testing, which means you won't be let down on those cold winter mornings or in the middle of a hot summer. We design our tuning boxes efficiently so the savings can be passed on to you.

Please select your vehicle from the list of manufacturers on the left, if you can't find your vehicle in the list, please contact TDI-TuningBox:
TEL: +44(0)1226 213030 or +44(0)7855 486678.

New products:

We are about to launch digital tuning boxes diesel vehicles with "common-rail" engines and would like to hear from people in the Yorkshire area who would be interested in getting more power and economy from their car. Unlike other tuning companies that sell a "one box fits all" product, we have custom PC software to tailor the tuning box to your vehicle.

If you have one of the following vehicles or any other vehicle with a
common rail type injection system we would like to hear from you.
BMW: 320D,330D, 335D, 520D, 525D 530D, 535D, 730D
Ford: All "TDCI" Models
Mercedes: 220, 270, 280, 320 CDI Engines + Commercial Vehicles
Renault: All "DCI" Models

For further details contact TDI-TuningBox on :
TEL: +44(0)1226 213030 or +44(0)7855 486678.

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